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House Democrats reject measure to protect Michigan from countries of concern
RELEASE|May 10, 2024
Contact: William Bruck

The Michigan Legislature Working Group for National Security today expressed its disappointment with House Democrats’ decision to reject a Republican budget amendment that would have applied commonsense state and national security measures to Michigan’s Labor end Economic Opportunity (LEO) budget. The amendment would have addressed concerns over the allocation of State Opportunities and Accountability Reserve (SOAR) funds:

“This important change would have enhanced fiscal responsibility by ensuring SOAR funds are not channeled towards entities associated with “countries of concern” as designated by the U.S. Department of State. For the safety and security of Michigan residents, any project seeking SOAR funding should require thorough overview to evaluate any potential foreign affiliations.

“The misguided allocation of Michigan taxpayer dollars to the Gotion battery plant underscores the importance of safeguarding public funds. Those taxpayer dollars should never have been handed to that project. This is why our state must utilize robust oversight mechanisms. The budget passed today lacked crucial security enhancements for the SOAR fund.

“The members of this working group are greatly disappointed in the second rejection of this important security measure. It is imperative we shield Michigan from threats posed by adversarial nations and oppose partnerships with countries of concern.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray has signaled to states and local governments credible threats the government of China has made to U.S. national and economic security. The Michigan Legislature’s Working Group for National Security supports state-level policies that will protect cybersecurity and the economy from clandestine incursions against consumer information and trade secrets.

The Michigan Legislature Working Group for National Security is a bicameral body made up of representatives and senators calling for stronger protections against foreign influence. The group includes Reps. William Bruck (R-Monroe), Jaime Greene (R-Richmond), David Martin (R-Grand Blanc), Luke Meerman (R-Coopersville), and Sen. Jonathan Lindsey (R-Coldwater).


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