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Rep. Greene: Funding for Michigan Defense Center critical to Macomb County
RELEASE|May 23, 2024
Contact: Jaime Greene

State Rep. Jaime Greene today voiced opposition to a budget transfer that shifted $1 million away from the Michigan Defense Center in Macomb County.

The Michigan Defense Center received $5 million in this year’s state budget, which means the budget transfer request approved this week strips away about 20% of its funding.

“The Michigan Defense Center is an economic bolster of our defense industry in Macomb County,” said Greene, R-Richmond. “Cutting its funding undermines the growth of this vital industry in our county. Our community cannot afford to lose the economic opportunities and employment that the Michigan Defense Center helps secure.”

The Michigan Defense Center is critical to Michigan’s defense and aerospace industry in Macomb and Oakland counties – an industry that contributes $9 billion a year to the local economy and sustains more than 105,000 jobs, according to a 2019 study.

The Michigan Defense Center has been instrumental in securing thousands of federal contracts for Michigan businesses, totaling over $5.7 billion.

“The Detroit Arsenal in Macomb County is also where Army engineering, research and development, and procurement takes place,” Greene said. “Michigan must have a presence when it comes to fighting for contracts, investing in existing assets, and securing additional opportunities in Macomb County.

“Universities throughout the state of Michigan have nationally renowned engineering programs. The Michigan Defense Center’s work can help us capitalize on the opportunity to keep engineering students in Michigan after they graduate.”

Greene expressed tremendous frustration that the measure passed along partisan lines in the House, especially with a Democrat representative from Macomb County voting in favor of shifting funds away from Macomb County.

“This is a decision that directly harms our local economy,” Greene said. “We all know how important the Michigan Defense Center is to Macomb County. Voting to defund it is unacceptable. I can’t imagine voting against the interests of our local community.”


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