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Rep. Greene spreads awareness about Klinefelter Syndrome with speech, resolution
RELEASE|May 16, 2024
Contact: Jaime Greene

May designated as Klinefelter Syndrome Awareness Month in Michigan

State Rep. Jaime Greene and the Michigan House of Representatives this week adopted a resolution designating May 2024 as Klinefelter Syndrome Awareness Month in Michigan.

Klinefelter Syndrome, or XXY, is a chromosomal condition that affects approximately one in every 500 males. It occurs when a male is born with an extra X chromosome, resulting in a variety of physical, developmental, and psychological challenges.

“Despite its relatively high prevalence, Klinefelter’s Syndrome is often misunderstood, so this month helps shed light on the condition and provide support and resources to individuals and families affected by it,” said Greene, R-Richmond. “By raising awareness, we can help reduce stigma, improve early detection and diagnosis, and ensure that those living with XXY receive the care and support they need to lead fulfilling lives.”

Greene, whose son is affected by XXY, sponsored the resolution and delivered a touching speech about Klinefelter Syndrome during House session Wednesday.


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