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Rep. Martin spearheads plan to crack down on international crime rings targeting Michigan families
RELEASE|April 18, 2024
Contact: David Martin

State Rep. David Martin today introduced a plan to crack down on criminals who enter the country illegally to target Michigan residents on behalf of transnational crime organizations.

Teams of criminals from Central and South America are taking advantage of the border crisis and weak federal immigration laws to enter the U.S. and break into homes in wealthy neighborhoods throughout the country.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard has warned about an international crime ring targeting high-end homes that has stolen millions of dollars’ worth jewelry, cash and other items from residents there.

“Brazen criminals see lax federal immigration laws as a new opportunity to expand their criminal enterprise, and that can’t be tolerated,” said Martin, R-Davison. “We must act swiftly and decisively to crack down on these offenders, safeguarding our neighborhoods and protecting Michigan families.”

Martin’s plan, House Bill 5650, will increase penalties for crimes committed to benefit transnational crime organizations, like those targeting people in Oakland County. It also increases penalties for felonies committed by individuals who return to the country illegally after being deported.

Under the bill, the penalties for a first offense may be increased by up to 50% of the longest term prescribed by law for a conviction of that offense. For second and subsequent offenses, the penalty may be up to twice the longest term prescribed by law.

Multiple illegal aliens have been arrested for violent crimes in Michigan in recent months, including murder, soliciting sex with a minor, and sexual assault.

Meanwhile, the Whitmer administration has been pushing policies and proposals to offer taxpayer-funded assistance to people who entered the country illegally. Her “Newcomer Rental Subsidy” program offers rent assistance to illegal aliens who got arrested and then claimed asylum to avoid deportation. Whitmer also proposed $8 million in her budget for “New Michigander Immigration and Legal Services,” which would subsidize legal services for asylum seekers, even though more than 97% of asylum seekers in fiscal year 2023 claimed asylum defensively after they were facing deportation and most asylum claims get denied.

“We cannot ignore the alarming rise in violent crimes committed by illegal aliens in Michigan, including horrific offenses like murder, solicitation of minors, and sexual assault,” Martin said. “It’s concerning that while our local law enforcement is combating criminal activity, the Whitmer administration is pushing policies that offer taxpayer-funded assistance to those who may have entered the country illegally. We must prioritize the safety and well-being of our citizens by cracking down on crime and ensuring that our state policies encourage lawful immigration.”

House Bill 5650 was enrolled with the House today and will be referred to a committee next week.


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